- Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: Just what in the hell is shattereddreams.net?

A: This website a long overdue personal project that's been stewing in the back of my mind for the past couple years. See, I have a habit of losing touch with people I know and love; usually this is a result of physical distance, but often it's just because our lives change and we don't make the effort to hang out as much as we used to. I hope to have some success in countering this phenomenon.

See, shattereddreams.net has two major purposes. One is to be my sanctuary on the web. This is accomplished by the "news" and "rants" sections of this lovely website. These are my places to speak my mind on issues I wouldn't normally get a chance to talk about, as well as to keep all y'all informed of what's going on in my life. Just in case you're ever interested.

The second (not secondary) purpose of this place is to serve as a hub for all the people I know to stay in contact with each other and with me. This goal is to be accomplished by the "forum" and "links" sections. The forum is a private messageboard hosted by ezboard.com. I control access to the forum, so we can talk about anything without fear of uninvited people reading our posts. The links section will contain some links to my favorite places on the web, but primarily it will be for links to my friends' websites. If we get some conversation going on the forum, and we wind up checking out each other's sites, building kind of our own community here, well, gosh darn it, I think that would be really cool ;)

Q: Why the name "Shattered Dreams"?

A: A while back, in the past couple years, there was a period where it looked like some of us might be putting together a band. My original collaborator in this effort came to me with a grand vision for the birth of our musical brainchild, and he said the band was to be named "Shattered Dreams". It definitely sounded like my style, so I gave him the thumbs-up and proceeded to grab the domain name shattereddreams.net for the band's webspace. As it turns out, those plans never really panned out, but I still had the domain.

I think Shattered Dreams is a cool name for a personal site like this. To me, it seems to describe the experience of getting out of school and into the real world, only to find it's not all I imagined. Don't get me wrong, I dig my freedom and I like having the world spread out before me, waiting for me to carve my own path. It just seems there are endless complications I couldn't have forseen, like tethers that need to be untied (or broken) before I can truly take flight. I think a lot of us experience something similar. Will we ever really break free of all those chains, or is that just a dream? Is there really anything holding us back, or is it all a matter of perspective? Anyway, I'm being vague, and I'm going off on a rant. I'll save the philosophy for another time. But there you have it; that's why the name "Shattered Dreams".

Q: Whence came the artwork appearing throughout this site? (Ya like the wording of that question? Yeah, I'm a dork.)

A: All of the artwork used in shattereddreams.net is concept art for the video game Final Fantasy VI. Yoshitaka Amano is the artist responsible. Some info about him can be found at www.amanosworld.com, though the site is still largely under construction.

Q: Who is the webmaster of shattereddreams.net?

A: That would be me: GarbageOtaku (g.o.). I don't intend to put any definitively identifying info about myself out here on the public website, but you can reach me at garbageotaku@yahoo.com.