11/10/05 - UPDATE!

Well here we are, 6:29 AM on the 10th of November, and I'm finally adding some news to this website which, by now, has long been forgotten by the few who once came to visit.

Indeed, shattereddreams.net has not been serving its purpose, and the blame rests firmly on my own negligence. I feel it's high time I remedied the situation by actually posting stuff here and placing links to this site in convenient places, such that all you potential readers feel encouraged to stop by and view said stuff.

That said, let me catch you all up on my current situation in life ;) Foley and I are currently sharing an apartment in Philly, in what might be considered the northwest corner of Center City. We're on the 14th floor of our building, with a view overlooking the Ben Franklin Parkway and lovely Fairmount. Step out onto our balcony and look to your left--you'll see the Art Museum (where Rocky ran up the steps). It's stunning when it's all lit up at night. To the right, you'll see Center City in all it's glory: City Hall, the Franklin Institute, the big red PSFS sign, etc. Fully stocked bar, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... yes, we really are living the dream.

And how am I now affording this life of luxury, you ask? Well, friends, it's like they always told us as teenagers: you go to school, learn the skills, get the credentials, and then you're ready to go out there in the real world and land a fantastic, high-paying job as a working professional. Easy as pie! The system really works, folks! Back in July, I took a 3 week course at the Mixology Wine Institute, and now I hold the illustrious position of bartender aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia. I like totally get people drunk for a living. How cool is that!?

Outside of my immediate goings-on, a lot has happened in my world that didn't make it to this news page. Way back in April, I and a fellow Garbage freak (Shannon) followed Garbage on their tour through the Northeast and Midwest (Philly, DC, NY, up through Canada and west as far as Minneapolis -- 12 performances in all, I believe). Along the way, we met up with trashers from such exotic places as London, Paris, and Nebraska. We shared a few rounds of drinks with Duke and Butch, as well as the Dead Sixties (who were opening for Garbage). We wound up on a TV show and in a music video (Sex is Not the Enemy). It was a fantastic, though exhausting, experience--certainly one of the highlights of my life thus far. Apart from that, and more recently, Fiona's new album came out, Soul Calibur III came out, halloween was fabulous, rumors circulated that Garbage had broken up (which turned out to be misinformation, but they are taking an "indefinite hiatus", which would sound suspicious if not for the band's insistence that "WE ARE NOT BREAKING UP!").

Anyway, I think that's enough of an update for now. I have to get to bed so I can get up for work at 3 PM and go get people liquored-up again.

8/29/05 - Extraordinary Announcement

Fiona Apple's third album--Extraordinary Machine--is scheduled to be released on October 4th, 2005. Read the press release at www.fiona-apple.com.

3/6/05 - Ventilation

The rants section sees its first post. Read it at your own discretion.

2/9/05 - Garbage at Large

My girl Shirl is getting fired up to take her band back out into the public eye! With the new album Bleed Like Me coming out on April 12th in the US (April 11th outside the US), they've already booked a couple of dates to headline european festivals. Tonight, Shirley presented the award for "Best Live Act" at the Brit Awards in London (the UK's version of the Grammies). This is the first photo I've acquired that shows off her current look:

- Absolutely beautiful! -

2/7/05 - Free Fiona!

I love Fiona Apple, but I'd never really been in the Fiona "loop", so to speak. So it wasn't until recently that I learned of her difficulties in getting her third album through the record company's red tape. However, I learned just as quickly that she had leaked a couple of tracks from the album out onto the net as mp3s. So for anyone who's interested, here they are...

Better Version of Me

Extraordinary Machine

1/30/05 - Welcome to shattereddreams.net!

Well you're here, and probably by invitation. This is the front page (the news page) of shattereddreams.net. What is shattereddreams.net you ask? It's a long overdue personal project that's been stewing in the back of my mind for the past couple years. See, I have a habit of losing touch with people I know and love; usually this is a result of physical distance, but often it's just because our lives change and we don't make the effort to hang out as much as we used to. I hope to have some success in countering this phenomenon.

See, shattereddreams.net has two major purposes. One is to be my sanctuary on the web. This is accomplished by the "news" and "rants" sections of this lovely website. These are my places to speak my mind on issues I wouldn't normally get a chance to talk about, as well as to keep all y'all informed of what's going on in my life. Just in case you're ever interested.

The second (not secondary) purpose of this place is to serve as a hub for all the people I know to stay in contact with each other and with me. This goal is to be accomplished by the "forum" and "links" sections. The forum is a private messageboard hosted by ezboard.com. I control access to the forum, so we can talk about anything without fear of uninvited people reading our posts. The links section will contain some links to my favorite places on the web, but primarily it will be for links to YOUR websites. If we get some conversation going on the forum, and we wind up checking out each other's sites, building kind of our own community here, well, gosh darn it, I think that would be really cool ;)

Anyway, I hope you'll head over to the forum and let me know you're here. You'll need to create an ezboard account if you don't already have one. Don't worry, it's pretty easy (as the name implies) and it's free. See ya there!

- g.o.